Posted by: ainslieb | July 20, 2009

long time between drinks

hello there – if anyone still tunes in… it has been a long time between posts again. Life has been pretty topsy turvy last few months – I have bad arthritis and have been kept out of the garden and off work. I have now quit work and hope to spend more time in the garden and less time being stressed about no money. I am enrolling at Uni to finish my Honours thesis so I can start a PhD next year. I know – crazy – husband and wife both doing PhD’s with two kids under four – what are we thinking – anyway – I have to do what feels right.

In terms of the garden – I have two functioning veggie patches – both planted on same day – one aquaponic with trout – (we lost 12 due to an incident with their oxygen supply pump but the rest are doing well now) and the rest of the veggies in a traditional garden bed. The traditional way is working best at this stage – I churned the soil with farm manure and dynamic lifter and planted away. So far there is about 50% greater growth than the fish – so will wait and see. The second traditional bed is due to be planted some time in the next month – along with the chicken hutch – we have a cot to turn into a house and an old cupboard to turn into nesting boxes – should be fun. Unfortunately it takes a lot longer than I was hoping for as I struggle to work in the garden for more than a couple of hours at a time, and Colin is a garden newbie, so we have to just work within the bounds of my bones and will get there slowly. Not exciting progress wise, but I guess it is something to learn about nature and letting things take their course.

Photo’s will follow when our new computer is set up – who knows how long that will take!!


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