Posted by: ainslieb | May 16, 2009

sorry for the absence!!

Well it’s been an intersting few weeks – finally back in online land. We have been – and still are – moving house! Being someone who wishes she was organised this move could have been really easy – we knew we were doing it, we knew what had to be done. Then I was given a really big piece of work at the office and Colin was called to actually work. Of course that meant late nights for me and colin didn’t do any packing as he was actually earning money – so consequently we didn’t start to pack until a few days before. Then the new house – which is fantastic on so many levels – but really bad on so many others – needs loads of work and the landlord wont do any of it as he is going to bowl it over in a few years. So we estimated three days to paint – and in that time we got wallpaper off a wall, painted 3/4’s of two rooms and then started to move in.

Consequently we have all been sleeping in the same room for three nights on a big queen mattress and a single jammed up next to it. The kids need us close, although they are being brave in the new house, they still need closeness at night. So far we have taken it in turn to sleep in the single with a kid – and then jennifer usually tries to sleep on my head at some point! Very fuuny afterwards – but not so funny at three in the morning!

Anyway – that’s the chaotic life that I lead. Back to work tomorrow for more of this big project. Damn – what I wouldn’t give to start the garden, kick off all the unpacking and enjoy starting the sustainability life properly.

On Friday I had a taste of that – Colin and I went to Como Children for the afternoon – the kid’s daycare centre – and we made mini wormfarms with the children. If you want to try it – get a two litre plastic bottle and cut the top off – fill with about three handfuls of soil and then two big handfuls of worm mix from your worm farm (if you have one or just go to the hardware / gardening store and buy a bag of worms) and then put fresh kitchen scraps. Wet a piece of newspaper and put directly over the scraps and then invert the lid you have cut off. Put it in a dark place for a few days and go back and see the scraps have all been eaten up. If you keep feeding, the kids will see the worms down the side of the plastic container and they can watch it all happen. Then use the whole lot as a lovely fertiliser / plant mix for the kids to pot a plant they are responsible for. It is a lovely lesson in growing, eating, using waste and replenishing the soil – in a very mini way.

Ok – the children are finally awake so I must dash – but the garden planning goes on. As soon as I find the camera I will take shots and let you follow as we build up our plans and our sustainable capability.



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