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sunday afternoons!

apple in a basket
Before the cooking started I decided that it might be fun to do some paper mache (not sure the spelling is right!) We built a fairy – as you know fairy things rule at the age of three and a half so our house is all about fairies at the moment – and some wings and then I made about 6 litres of glue – yes a bit much but I didn’t read the instructions before I poured the glue powder into colin’s bowl of glue! – then the kids ripped paper till they were sick of it and then we started to glue! – Hilarious. I of course found a reason to leave the house for a quick shop trip so Colin was left with two messy girls, a very messy fairy and pot of glue. None-the-less we have a lovely half made fairy waiting for another layer of paper and then some paint, wings, sparkles and hair! Golden curls of course and a wand!

Catie wanted to spend some time lazing about eating an apple – she found the perfect seat for the activity and spent the next 20 minutes happily chewing away! Such a relaxing sunday – we pulled out the spare mattress and the kids climbed in for reading time ( it was raining outside) and Colin chose some great books. I took to the kitchen and cooked up a frenzy and then we had a lazy late afternoon dinner. It was just gorgeous – those are the days that make parenting wonderful!
reading time106

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Acid Throwing in Bangladesh

I am so sad – I just watched Foreign Correspondent and I am lost for words.  These beautiful women and tiny little children whose relatives have poured acid on them – for as little crime as being a girl, or because they wanted to frame their enemy over a land dispute.  I sat with Jennifer asleep on my lap, her golden curls in my fingers and I looked at footage of a six month old girl who had done nothing but be born, and a boy, now 3 I think whose aunty had poured acid down his throat when he was one month old because she wanted a son and was jealous.  What is it that makes a person think that action is justifiable, and what society accepts it save for a few good people who try to assist. It is such a common crime in Bangladesh that they run TV commercials to teach people how to treat a fresh acid burn.

What can we do? How can we help those poor victims and the future victims?  We are not helpless here  – although it feels like we are when confronted with those images  – and of course they are tv images – so distant and removed from our reality.  It is really so sad.

I kissed Jennifer over and over – I didn’t know what else to do.


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new toys

I finally have my new computer – a lovely thing – although not a Mac, I am getting used to the whole windows world again!  The lack of mac is made up for by the lovely big screen and very fast processor so my internet is actually fast.  Now I cannot blame colin for my lack of blogging, or work, or study! I have actually decided to pull out of uni for 6 months- timing was all wrong – so I am focusing on getting healthy, my art and crafts, stampin and being a good mummy – and a good wife – and a good PhD helper.  All of which take a bit of time, so the study was just a bit too much on top.

So – once settled into the new toy lifestyle I intend this week to start preparation planting for the new summer veggie patch – we have decided not to go with chooks for the moment – there is a lovely guy who lives not far away who visits a free-range farm weekly and picks up eggs by the dozen and only onsells them for $4.50 – which is damn cheap – much cheaper than I think we could produce at the moment – so we are giving the garden space over to veggies and hopefully a little fairy patch for the girls – I have a pattern for a toadstool cubbyhouse with fairy stools etc that I might try to build before summer takes over – of course will have to see what my next big project is and maybe that will or wont take over my attention span.  I would really like to finish something!!

Ok – off to play computers – but have updated so feel justified!!!

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From ground to table in six minutes

Was so proud today – Colin and I pulled a few lettuce and some corriander out of the veggie patch and added store bought tomatoes and peppers for a gorgeous salad today – it is such a thrill to feel like we are a little sustaining.  In all the excitement I got the bike out and put the basket on and rode to the shops – not far but the first time I have been on a bike in years and years.  It was great.

I have started to read Transition Towns – the UK handbook for transition from Peak Oil to a sustainable lifestyle.  It is so frightening to think of the future possibilities when you consider what we know about climate change and what we have to learn about peak oil and the potential nightmare awaiting us.  Col and I are thinking about going carless in a year when the girls are both at school – easy to walk to and from and bus to uni.  In London or Melbourne or other big cities, being carless is no big deal, but in a city that has only had a north-south rail line for a few years, getting around by bus and train is still quite an effort – particularly with kids and pets in tow.  However, everybody has to attempt to change – the garden, the veggies, the aquaponics – they are all small steps in the right direction.  Reducing our Carbon Footprint, reducing our energy usage, recycling and finding new ways to reuse – that is the answer that we must look for.

In that vein I covered an old bedside table in patchwork paper on the weekend – used modpodge and amy butler paper – it is stunning – thrilled – and then glued kids fabric to the doors of the art cupboard – now instead of two tatty old bits of furniture, we have some gorgeous new pieces that I get to be proud of.  Veggies and hand-improved furniture – steps in the right direction!

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museum and art gallery

Col and I took the girls to the art gallery and museum yesterday – sarah and ben came for the trip and my proudest moment was Catie announcing to the whole museum – “look it’s a Teradactyl” – …she’s three and a half!  what can I say – proud mummy!

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Shopping Locally

A lovely spring saturday morning in Perth, although it is really still winter!  Colin cooked pancakes and then we put the girls and the pooch in the pram and walked about three streets away to the applecross version of a farmer’s market.  Hugh, the house owner has friends with orchards in the hills.  A few boxes of fruit on the porch that we picked through, some ridiculously priced free-range eggs and then a stroll around the streets.  It was a glorious reminder of what suburbs can be when people are friendly and a community is created with each person that you meet.  We stopped at the local non-chain butcher and picked up some free-range chicken for Colin to cook tonight and life is sweet.  Made even sweeter by the fact that he and mum took the girls to yoga and I get a few hours to myself before I go off to my stamping workshop this afternoon.

I ran my first Stampin Up! demonstrator party last night – (finally!) and it was great – I so enjoyed seeing the excitement in the faces of people who have not done any craft before, learning how easy and rewarding it is to make something with your own two hands.

A bit of weeding in the veggie patch tomorrow, an old friend coming over and playing with the kids – a wonderful weekend all round. – hope yours is lovely too.


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Moving from blogger and new ideas

Hi all,  I have now officially moved from Blogger to  It is easier to put a gallery of images on wordpress.  I am in the process of setting up my own website on wordpress which I will then transfer this blog to.  The site should make it easier to display all my new creative ventures.

We spent significant time in the garden on the weekend – working on de-greening or de-weeding the veggie patch – I will pop out and take photo evidence tomorrow – it’s a slow tast but a must-do.  I used a lawnmower for the first time  – a 1/4 acre block takes significant time – and it gets heavy when you hit sand!!  Anyway -the garden looks fantastic so pretty happy with it.  The fish are recovering from their loss – we had an issue with the filter and they lost air for 24 hours – we sadly lost 12 trout that day.  The rest are doing well, growing and eating.  Most importantly the plants in the aquaponics are for the first time keeping up with those in the ground! Maybe my thumb is thinking of turning green and not brown!!

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My Handmade Cards

Live like you mean it60th BirthdayCards (3)Pearl FlowersFrench ButterflyChristmas, thanks and helloFriendshipThanksButton Tree

This is the first batch of my handmade cards on my new blog!  Would love your feedback – I am hoping to sell them locally and over the internet once I get my site established.  If this works I will move my blog from blogspot to here and then be able to do a bit more with the site.  These cards come about with the help of Stampin up!  – all the stamped images currently come from their supplies and carry their copyright.  If you would like to make cards like this yourselves rather than buy these, or at least learn how to do this kind of thing, I can show you at a craft or stampin party.  Let me know if you want to gather for a girly afternoon or evening – at your house or mine(if you live in Perth!)

Anyway – would love your feedback so please comment.

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home made

A week into my newfound unemployment – or self employment – I have made 16 card templates to build on. I want to sell handmade cards – I will add photo’s tomorrow – and have found a couple of potential clients to start with. I am passionate about paper, about craft, about homemade. I just found the most fantastic site – which is all about creating a homemade marketplace for art items – I think it will be easier than setting up a shopping cart on my own created website – which I am just looking at starting up. If I can be green in the garden, green in the house, surely I can create a homemade – recylce, reuse career that allows me to be self sufficient and successfully my own boss.

I have always assumed I was not fantastic at artwork – not the most creative person. It turns out I am a great creator and I just get so involved in the process – it is a delight in the making, giving and hopefully selling!

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long time between drinks

hello there – if anyone still tunes in… it has been a long time between posts again. Life has been pretty topsy turvy last few months – I have bad arthritis and have been kept out of the garden and off work. I have now quit work and hope to spend more time in the garden and less time being stressed about no money. I am enrolling at Uni to finish my Honours thesis so I can start a PhD next year. I know – crazy – husband and wife both doing PhD’s with two kids under four – what are we thinking – anyway – I have to do what feels right.

In terms of the garden – I have two functioning veggie patches – both planted on same day – one aquaponic with trout – (we lost 12 due to an incident with their oxygen supply pump but the rest are doing well now) and the rest of the veggies in a traditional garden bed. The traditional way is working best at this stage – I churned the soil with farm manure and dynamic lifter and planted away. So far there is about 50% greater growth than the fish – so will wait and see. The second traditional bed is due to be planted some time in the next month – along with the chicken hutch – we have a cot to turn into a house and an old cupboard to turn into nesting boxes – should be fun. Unfortunately it takes a lot longer than I was hoping for as I struggle to work in the garden for more than a couple of hours at a time, and Colin is a garden newbie, so we have to just work within the bounds of my bones and will get there slowly. Not exciting progress wise, but I guess it is something to learn about nature and letting things take their course.

Photo’s will follow when our new computer is set up – who knows how long that will take!!

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