Posted by: ainslieb | October 24, 2009

A long week and a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my oldest friend – 2 years closer to 40…. hope your night was better than your day!! 😉

I have been wiping snotty noses, sore eyes and soothing sore throats of my little girls, and sitting next to colin in the ER for the last few days – a little worse than man flu… but only just! Nearly back on track. I managed to stitch some lovely lipstick fabric onto shirts for the girls to brighten their day – it is amazing how something little and lovely can go such a long way. I will post photo’s tomorrow. I am torn currently between finishing a Pear Pincusion from RetroMama and making some cards for my stall. I did manage really well to increase stock and designed 4 new cards alst week before the illness’s struck, but then lost a few days, but I have a hankering for the sewing machine – so I might have to sew cards – maybe that will fix the urge! Colin is watching a scary movie and I don’t do scary, so I get to spend Sat night in amongst my stash of fabric and paper… ahhh bliss!



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