Posted by: ainslieb | October 19, 2009

New name – same me – more stuff

Hi!  I’m back!  Well I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have been redesigning my life and my creative habits and whilst doing that I wandered away from my blog.  I was intending to create a lovely new blog and website, but finance has got the better of me, so I am back with a new name and a new focus.  This is all about selling my cards to lovely buyers, sharing the sustainable steps we are taking towards a greener life, and celebrating everything handmade.  Handmade is the new motto of the house I think! colin has stepped right up with the wonderful new chookhouse, and he said today that he was quite proud of his new found talent at home handyman!  …will wait on those bustling biceps and toolbelt, but I do find that if I pick up the drill he will tend to take over!  This was a suggested from a friend who will remain nameless, but her suggestion was ask three times and if you don’t get it done, just pick up the drill and suddenly it will be done.  I don’t worry about the asking stage, I just jump in with the drill and he fixes the mess after me!

Anyway – back to my cards – my latest efforts that were donated at the Como Children Quiz night – where we raised just under $5000 (YAY!) are below.

Happy viewing! – would love feedback.




  1. The cards are lovely AinsB
    Do you have a Xmas line yet? Let me know when you do and I’ll post it out to all of my girlfriends.


    • Thanks Jo. Christmas line is promised in a week(ish!) I will send an email out to let everyone know.


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