Posted by: ainslieb | September 7, 2009

The Choices we make…

Life really is all about choices.  I was reminded of this as I read Jek’s post  on Scrumdilldilly today.  She saw a man through a cigarette butt out the window whilst all around the air is filled with smoke.  I can only imagine she lives near the terrible fires in Califonia at the moment.  Coming from Western Australia, we are more than used to bad bush fires and the feelings they evoke.  At the same time she is trying, like me to be more sustainable – make better shopping choices and better life choices.  I spent most of the weekend thinking about where life is at, how much there is to do and where and when to start. The obvious answer for any Tony Robbins type person is Here and Now. Not always that simple – the  kids are running around shouting, Col was sick with a tummy bug and I have had my head not quite in the right place since last weeks hospital visit.  I get an infusion to help with my arthritis. I sit in a room with all the people having a variety of infusions – some not so sick  – like me, and some very sick and having chemo.  There was a young woman there, probably mid 20’s with her mother – they were making wedding invitations whilst she recieved her Chemo for the day. I got the impression she was there every day – I only need to go monthly from now on.  There is an older lady there having the same treatment as me.  She grumbles – makes a fuss and needs the whole room to know how much pain she is in (she walks without a cane or a shuffle and can hold a cup).  I try  not to judge her as I haven’t walked in her shoes and I know how much my pain can get me down.  But the nurse spoke to me and I commented on this lady.  The nurse said – some people don’t know they are alive – we buried our colleague from Breast Cancer today, and here this woman is, in her 70’s, in a bit of pain but really not that bad, complaining all the time.  It made me think about the times I complain, the times that I don’t do what is best for my health so that I am around for as long as I can be with my little girls.  And I think about the choices we make.  We are trying to become more sustainable. We have talked about getting rid of the car to reduce our emissions and save our pocket.  But we don’t live in a city with fantastic public transport. It is good, don’t get me wrong, but getting two kids and a double pram into a bus is no mean feat – and in summer, when we can expect 40 degree days, that sounds pretty horrid.  This must be tempered with the ideas behind Transition and peak oil – there will come a time when we have no choice but to get rid of our car for the price, the damage and the inconvenience.  Is it time to face the inconvenience now and get used to it – get the girls used to it.  In a nation and a globe that is so used to excess, that is such a hard choice.  I grew up in a household with a car per person over the age of 18.  When I arrived in London years ago I couldn’t stand the thought of not having a car, so I specifically sought out a job that came with car.  I have managed to cut down significantly on usage, but someone, somewhere has to make a stand and do the right thing, why should that person not be me?

Anyway – la la la – that is my deep and meaningful post for the day – and now I really need to go do the dishes, put dinner on and go out and weed my veggie patch that is daily getting taken over by clover!


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