Posted by: ainslieb | September 1, 2009

Quilts, Cards and Pancakes

Well the title fits my life at the moment – jumbled!  I have been waiting on getting my new computer fixed – I have received fantastic personalised service, and now it looks like I am back on track.  Turns out this old house we live in has some power issues and it was causing my machine to turn off – not earthing or something technical.  Anyway – it is sorted and now I can blog away. So in an attempt to get rid of backlog ideas and move forward with something regular – thought I would tell you what I have been doing…

Firslty the divine sunday breakfast that Colin cooked – he normally does pancakes but they never appear light and fluffy – so we looked up the domestic goddess that is Nigella and of course found the perfect pancake recipe.  The children improved our enjoyment of these scrummy things by adding greek yogurt before the maple syrup – you will be surprised how good they are!


After this I got back down to business making a card for my friend Naomi’s Linen tea  – What you have when you have enough kitchen stuff and you are getting married – more linen!  Anyway – after a bit of embossing, cutting and sticking – here is the result – next to it’s inspiration – a rose of course!


On Saturday night I started my first quilt – sans pattern of course.  I went to Calico and Ivy for some lush fabric and then colin and I started calculating what size the squares would need to be to fit the duvet that Jennifer already has – my idea to use the duvet instead of buying batting to keep the cost down – not the best decision it turns out as it moves and stretches and is quite uncontrollable!  However – back to the  mini adventure..  I cut and stitched the top and then I pinned – well I thought I pinned enough – but I am not taking a photo of the back of the quilt – put it that way!  I have now learned through reading some great blogs this morning including Indie House and One Flew Over , that I should have stuck the base to the floor and then added the layers and pinned that way – some control over the base – oh well – live and learn! So – then I started to quilt – again I didn’t draw lines – anyone seeing a pattern here?  Still – it is cute and for a first attempt it is not too bad so I am not unhappy.  I am off to the sewing shop to get a quilting foot to allow me to do some free movement quilting around the rest of it – mum assures me that it will look better, so will see tonight when I get back to the machine.  Can’t wait to finish and go out and get some more fabric – of course have to find the money first!!

Here ’tis so far


So far not-too-bad!

Right then – off to sew, craft, anything but clean!



  1. Looks beautiful Ains! Very glamorous and who looks at the back anyway? Just more exciting things to find when Jennifer is playing cubbies in her bed 🙂 xxx

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