Posted by: ainslieb | August 26, 2009

sunday afternoons!

apple in a basket
Before the cooking started I decided that it might be fun to do some paper mache (not sure the spelling is right!) We built a fairy – as you know fairy things rule at the age of three and a half so our house is all about fairies at the moment – and some wings and then I made about 6 litres of glue – yes a bit much but I didn’t read the instructions before I poured the glue powder into colin’s bowl of glue! – then the kids ripped paper till they were sick of it and then we started to glue! – Hilarious. I of course found a reason to leave the house for a quick shop trip so Colin was left with two messy girls, a very messy fairy and pot of glue. None-the-less we have a lovely half made fairy waiting for another layer of paper and then some paint, wings, sparkles and hair! Golden curls of course and a wand!

Catie wanted to spend some time lazing about eating an apple – she found the perfect seat for the activity and spent the next 20 minutes happily chewing away! Such a relaxing sunday – we pulled out the spare mattress and the kids climbed in for reading time ( it was raining outside) and Colin chose some great books. I took to the kitchen and cooked up a frenzy and then we had a lazy late afternoon dinner. It was just gorgeous – those are the days that make parenting wonderful!
reading time106



  1. just gorgeous! They look absolutely delighted with the whole experience. I want a sunday afternoon reading session too! Just need the stillness and tranquility to happen first… Zac considers our bed as a place to play hide and seek and “let’s shove stuff behind the headboard and then get someone else to go get it”

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