Posted by: ainslieb | August 25, 2009

new toys

I finally have my new computer – a lovely thing – although not a Mac, I am getting used to the whole windows world again!  The lack of mac is made up for by the lovely big screen and very fast processor so my internet is actually fast.  Now I cannot blame colin for my lack of blogging, or work, or study! I have actually decided to pull out of uni for 6 months- timing was all wrong – so I am focusing on getting healthy, my art and crafts, stampin and being a good mummy – and a good wife – and a good PhD helper.  All of which take a bit of time, so the study was just a bit too much on top.

So – once settled into the new toy lifestyle I intend this week to start preparation planting for the new summer veggie patch – we have decided not to go with chooks for the moment – there is a lovely guy who lives not far away who visits a free-range farm weekly and picks up eggs by the dozen and only onsells them for $4.50 – which is damn cheap – much cheaper than I think we could produce at the moment – so we are giving the garden space over to veggies and hopefully a little fairy patch for the girls – I have a pattern for a toadstool cubbyhouse with fairy stools etc that I might try to build before summer takes over – of course will have to see what my next big project is and maybe that will or wont take over my attention span.  I would really like to finish something!!

Ok – off to play computers – but have updated so feel justified!!!


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