Posted by: ainslieb | August 25, 2009

Acid Throwing in Bangladesh

I am so sad – I just watched Foreign Correspondent and I am lost for words.  These beautiful women and tiny little children whose relatives have poured acid on them – for as little crime as being a girl, or because they wanted to frame their enemy over a land dispute.  I sat with Jennifer asleep on my lap, her golden curls in my fingers and I looked at footage of a six month old girl who had done nothing but be born, and a boy, now 3 I think whose aunty had poured acid down his throat when he was one month old because she wanted a son and was jealous.  What is it that makes a person think that action is justifiable, and what society accepts it save for a few good people who try to assist. It is such a common crime in Bangladesh that they run TV commercials to teach people how to treat a fresh acid burn.

What can we do? How can we help those poor victims and the future victims?  We are not helpless here  – although it feels like we are when confronted with those images  – and of course they are tv images – so distant and removed from our reality.  It is really so sad.

I kissed Jennifer over and over – I didn’t know what else to do.



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