Posted by: ainslieb | August 17, 2009

From ground to table in six minutes

Was so proud today – Colin and I pulled a few lettuce and some corriander out of the veggie patch and added store bought tomatoes and peppers for a gorgeous salad today – it is such a thrill to feel like we are a little sustaining.  In all the excitement I got the bike out and put the basket on and rode to the shops – not far but the first time I have been on a bike in years and years.  It was great.

I have started to read Transition Towns – the UK handbook for transition from Peak Oil to a sustainable lifestyle.  It is so frightening to think of the future possibilities when you consider what we know about climate change and what we have to learn about peak oil and the potential nightmare awaiting us.  Col and I are thinking about going carless in a year when the girls are both at school – easy to walk to and from and bus to uni.  In London or Melbourne or other big cities, being carless is no big deal, but in a city that has only had a north-south rail line for a few years, getting around by bus and train is still quite an effort – particularly with kids and pets in tow.  However, everybody has to attempt to change – the garden, the veggies, the aquaponics – they are all small steps in the right direction.  Reducing our Carbon Footprint, reducing our energy usage, recycling and finding new ways to reuse – that is the answer that we must look for.

In that vein I covered an old bedside table in patchwork paper on the weekend – used modpodge and amy butler paper – it is stunning – thrilled – and then glued kids fabric to the doors of the art cupboard – now instead of two tatty old bits of furniture, we have some gorgeous new pieces that I get to be proud of.  Veggies and hand-improved furniture – steps in the right direction!



  1. loving your blogs – very inspiring xxx

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