Posted by: ainslieb | August 1, 2009

Shopping Locally

A lovely spring saturday morning in Perth, although it is really still winter!  Colin cooked pancakes and then we put the girls and the pooch in the pram and walked about three streets away to the applecross version of a farmer’s market.  Hugh, the house owner has friends with orchards in the hills.  A few boxes of fruit on the porch that we picked through, some ridiculously priced free-range eggs and then a stroll around the streets.  It was a glorious reminder of what suburbs can be when people are friendly and a community is created with each person that you meet.  We stopped at the local non-chain butcher and picked up some free-range chicken for Colin to cook tonight and life is sweet.  Made even sweeter by the fact that he and mum took the girls to yoga and I get a few hours to myself before I go off to my stamping workshop this afternoon.

I ran my first Stampin Up! demonstrator party last night – (finally!) and it was great – I so enjoyed seeing the excitement in the faces of people who have not done any craft before, learning how easy and rewarding it is to make something with your own two hands.

A bit of weeding in the veggie patch tomorrow, an old friend coming over and playing with the kids – a wonderful weekend all round. – hope yours is lovely too.



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