Posted by: ainslieb | July 29, 2009

Moving from blogger and new ideas

Hi all,  I have now officially moved from Blogger to  It is easier to put a gallery of images on wordpress.  I am in the process of setting up my own website on wordpress which I will then transfer this blog to.  The site should make it easier to display all my new creative ventures.

We spent significant time in the garden on the weekend – working on de-greening or de-weeding the veggie patch – I will pop out and take photo evidence tomorrow – it’s a slow tast but a must-do.  I used a lawnmower for the first time  – a 1/4 acre block takes significant time – and it gets heavy when you hit sand!!  Anyway -the garden looks fantastic so pretty happy with it.  The fish are recovering from their loss – we had an issue with the filter and they lost air for 24 hours – we sadly lost 12 trout that day.  The rest are doing well, growing and eating.  Most importantly the plants in the aquaponics are for the first time keeping up with those in the ground! Maybe my thumb is thinking of turning green and not brown!!


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