Posted by: ainslieb | April 23, 2009

Aquaponics and other bright ideas

Thanks to Vicki who kindly commented on our aquaponics debarcle. Now we know that goldfish eat tadpoles – poor little blighters. I am learning so much – pity that it is at the detriment of the animals! To answer your comment Vicki – the fingerlings (perch) are in a 1000L tank and the goldfish are in a pond – I think about 200 L. The goldfish are doing really well – the perch are a lot slower. We have now been advised to move to trout for winter and wait and see that happens with the Perch. For the uninitiated – the aquaponics unit is to grow Veggies without soil, like hydroponics, but they are watered constantly with the fish water – getting all the fish ‘nourishment’ to assist in their growth. In the shop and at all the displays the veggies are incredible, and everything we have read suggests that they will grow at least at double the pace. However it would appear this does not happen immediately – but rather at a very slow pace – we have been going for six months and our veggies are less than impressive.

We keep persevering – expensive and doubtful but the sales guy keeps convincing us it will happen. The investment to date in both time and money is too great to stop trying!

Pictures attached – the big pond – the poor veggies and the sorry pile of tadpoles that the nasty goldfish ate!!!

Hopefully Vicki will keep reading and not getting annoyed at my mistakes and giving suggestions – Vicky has quals in permaculture and is vastly more experienced than I. In this world of collaboration, of continuous learning and of change, I love to accept all help that is offered. So thanks in advance Vicki – I look forward to your input along the way.




  1. I could never be annoyed by people learning to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It is what needs to happen among all the rich-people of the world. Consume less, share more and reduce poverty and disease for the less fortunate inhabitants of the not-so-lucky countries.
    Small steps are an important guide for others to see how simple it can be to live with a bit less “stuff”.

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