Posted by: ainslieb | April 20, 2009

Warren Beattie and other rodents

I would like you to meet Warren. We think Warren is the son of George the mouse. Colin and I saw him running through the kitchen and after some friends pointed out that Mice were not cute – Colin said “I’ll Catch him”. I laughed and handed him a large Tupperware container – tupperware really is the wonder container!!
A few minutes later he called to say he had this gorgeous, tiny mouse jumping all over the box. We got the old aquarium, filled it with wet sand, a mouse home, some food and something to eat.
In he went – had a wander, a nibble, a drink and left us a few small brown pellets.
Then with a leap, a squeal from my friend Sarah and a jump, Warren had lept out the back plug-hole of the aquarium. We chased, we squealed and we laughed, but we didn’t catch him again. The little beggar came back later that night and tried to get into his home for the food – the cheek!
So – another lesson in home (animal friendly) sustainability – mice are not good for you, they are great jumpers, very very cute and really hard to catch. But most importantly – all girls, no matter the age, maturity or like for the animal – will squeal when confronted with a mouse!!


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